Dusherra Celebrations at Office

When I entered the floor today, I could see cabins decorated with flowers (real ones) and well preserved for something that was yet to happen. At first I wasn't sure what was happening? Later realized we are celebrating 'Dusherra'.

Till mid day we were busy with stuff, later we were taken to training whilst in middle of it, people started getting excited. News broke out that there would be some sort of skit on account for Dusherra.

I could see the glimpses of people getting ready with costumes. The girl sitting beside me was playing (Sita's) role. She seemed super excited...when I asked her what's her role? Sadly there wasn't any skit except for ramp walk. Most of my friends participated in the ramp wearing jaw dropping costumes.

Everything was great today except for the morning and evening part. It came as a surprise when I got to know that I am assigned a different cab and my friends were in different cab. (Usually we r in same cab most of the time) so that was a bummer.

And evening was bad too, had to do mandatory post OT in order to complete the training.

Hopefully we'll be graduating by tomorrow. People I intend to talk today couldn't spend any time with them. So that was something I feel sad about. Other than that... I guess everything was alright and good.

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