Do Half Zombie Human Hybrids Exist?

Yes Demi-Zombies, aka Human-Zombie Hybrids, do exist.  There are a handful of anecdotes found in ancient scrolls apart of the private collections of secret societies.  However the only known living case, and verified Demi-Zombie is our dropped out biology student Ms. Ayesha.

Her limited predecessors mentioned in ancient documents tended to be far less intelligent, and rather unpredictable.

She has also been seemingly killed, and always self-resurrects zombie style.  Unfortunately her one weakness seems to be below average healing of wounds.

Ayesha also appears to age normally but we believe she may live well into her hundreds, and will not die in a traditional manner.  She theorizes that her body will instead begin to rot at some point until there is nothing left of her.

This article was written by Kanthala Raghu & sponsored by NHT. Photo credits: Sai Kumar.

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