Why the fuss about Zuckerberg changing his profile pic ?

www.Internet.org looks so imminent now, that every bit of effort taken by people and communities across the internet seems so futile.

I'm mad at the way the media is playing this whole thing out. Even biased media houses like NDTV are jerking off to the fact that Zuckerberg changed his profile picture. DoorDarshan officially tweeted about this ffs.

If anything, Facebook should be penalized for false advertising. They only got that those high supporting numbers because they indulged in every cheap tactic from not giving the option to say no in their popup dialogues, to actually calling their filthy offering 'the internet'.

Sometime ago they had the same thing with #LoveWins, in support of legalisation of same-sex marriage. Today he is shamelessly endorsing a state which criminalizes homosexuality, for monetary gain, and to advance his Internet.org.

Mr Zuckerberg, you add another dimension to the socially liberal-fiscally conservative oxymoron.

This is exploitation of the masses' ignorance and nothing else. To see a Govt., that places itself at the forefront of a digital revolution, fall prey to these ruses is shameful and agonizing.

I feel we're in this for the long haul. Just protesting now won't help. Even if they implement internet.org, we're going to have to keep fighting the good fight, recruit other internet activists and fight for our rights.
Why the fuss about Zuckerberg changing his profile pic ? Why the fuss about Zuckerberg changing his profile pic ? Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on September 28, 2015 Rating: 5

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