Opinion: Apple Special Event

Apple came out with "new" stuff. 
Most of this stuff was already being done by competing companies. Notably the Microsoft Surface Pro (most recently their Surface Pro3). For years now Microsoft has been getting shit about how stupid/pointless/etc the Surface Pro devices were. Now that Apple has basically cloned (but made it worse by making it use a mobile OS/apps instead of real programs) it's being celebrated as this new great invention.

Samsung has also been working to bring the stylus back, Apple had a history of demonizing the stylus and saying it was worthless/shit. Now Apple is releasing there own stylus which is again basically a copy of the microsoft pen designed to work with the surface pro devices.

Basically Apple had a big new release/reveal but literally everything of note they revealed Microsoft had already been doing, and better, for years now and nobody liked it or cared. Now that Apple has revealed it the hype is real. So it's causing a lot of grumbling.

There was also a comic from 2012 when the surface pro first came out of the microsoft reveal getting shit on and mocked. Then it had the last panel show "2015 new ipad with magic touch pad". Literally it was some nostradamus tier shit.
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