I am drifting away Every Night

There was a time when I was happy from Inside (mentally) unlike what I am right now. With every passing day I could feel the happiness inside me fading away like the night depriving me of my deserving sleep.

Few months back I had a totally different sleeping habits while I was in College. Now I'm graduated and from tomorrow I will go on to work everyday. I will miss my good 8 hours sleep.

There were times when I even meditated before falling asleep in my bed, ahh such a lovely feeling to wake up after meditation. Now every morning I feel like I need to sleep a little more.

So today I take this Initiative to sleep early and Inculcate this deep into my memory, that no matter what I will sleep at 9pm and wake at 6am in the morning. Our brains are designed to work 24/7 but when we give our body rest for complete 8 hours, we become very much productive and efficient. This efficiency is much needed now that I got a job to do.

Today I write down this thought so that I don't forget about my Sleep Deprivation (Insomnia). 

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