BJP is not development Oriented Government

"The BJP which came to power in some states and in centre with a huge promise made to the people of the country like "Sab-ka-saath,sab-ka vikas", make in india, and upliftment of farmers,unorganizeed workers,weavors and others."
Youth have over-whelmingly voted to Mr.Modi for his assurance to provide jobs for youth and bringing black money to pump in to the economy and provide infrastructure to boost economy.

But unfortunately, the BJP made the whole country to debate communal violence,ghar vapsi, diverting the attention of national festivals of minority community by bringing some unrelated issues,banning anything and everything etc. It is time that the BJP must tell the people openly about their hidden agenda and also accept the fact that the RSS and its ideology are the sacred book for them to run the government.

The country is looking for solutions from Mr.Modi for youth employment, farmers suicide,agricultural growth,manufacturing growth,infrastructure development,poverty removal,hunger,malnutrition,education,health etc. Certainly not this kind of communal divisive politics from BJP.
BJP is not development Oriented Government BJP is not development Oriented Government Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on September 14, 2015 Rating: 5

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