Using Google's Public DNS over ISP DNS

Using Google's Public DNS over ISP DNS
I turned down my ISP's dns for google's public dns because it is easier to remember and My ISP hosts their DNS in Hyderabad, its not far persay. But the reason to change my dns is for security reasons. However, I've seen slight improvement in speed after flushing my previous dns cache.

Here are my Reasons for choosing google public dns:-
  • Over last months, my ISP has had DNS outages, but Google has not.
  • Google's is anycast, so it gets you a nearby DNS server automatically.
  • The ISP DNS server should be closer, so less latency. Then again, Googles DNS is likely to have more in-cache, so possibly faster to answer. Another good thing is that Google's DNS servers validate DNSSEC, most ISP DNS servers do not.
My ISP likes to redirect DNS queries, so when I type something in my browser like, for example, arstechnica, instead of failing and then having my browser appending the .com automatically, I get a stupid search page. So screw my ISP's DNS servers.

It is said that google's dns is more convenience for the server data transmission and effectively stop hacker through randomly assigned project query names of response behavior. It also won't produce any extra information block, filter or relocation that may lead to delay the problem of the search. Nowadays,many people prefer to use google's dns, not other reason just because their isp can not provide a good service and support for them.

On a side note: 

I wouldn't suggest using OpenDns, it specifically breaks geolocation and load balancing for a number of services, most importantly things hosted on CDNs. Using OpenDNS can cause you to get suck on an overloaded cluster and performance goes to shit.

Their service is really designed to block the sites your kids should not go to, or they might grow up too fast. And they do track their free users, cause they test with them (or so I've heard).

Follow the instructions here to set up Google Public DNS.
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