No Corporation is Good or Evil

The idea that corporations are somehow isolated from morality is an awful poison in our contextualization of corporations. By definition ( profound immorality, wickedness, and depravity ) no company is evil on face value. Greedy.. yes, most if not all of them, and with good reason and probably the best intentions, dishonest, deceitful and untrustworthy almost all of them as well, maybe save a few mom and pop stores, but still, not inherently evil.

But by pure definition any house of ill repute, or that provide hit men would fall under the "evil" category if morality was taken as defined by most holy churches, as well as many religious organisations who define what morality is and is not, could therefore easily be defined as an "evil organisation". 

Companies like Google, and Apple , that knowingly and openly admit to gathering your private data for statistical and behavioral analysis is not inherently evil, but the services they provide once again may very well be, to google for porn, is by definition evil, if that's you morality, if not, then well, nobody is evil, and you are OK.
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