Earlier today I had problem configuring my wireless router to access google's public dns servers. Honestly I couldn't find any tutorials or Instructions specific to my router model so had to learn it the hard way, put decent amount of time too. 

So I figured I'd write a piece so that others may save their time hunting. Its fairly simple, just follow the Instructions step by step. Here we go..

Step 1: Login to your remote wireless router web management console by typing either ( or www.tp-link.net). For other routers, Look into your device manual for this address.
Click to enlarge
Step 2 : Click on DHCP settings and enter google's dns servers.

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

Step 3: Save & your router should reboot.

Step 4: Flush DNS Cache
Step 5: Clear Browser Cache & restart your pc.

Testing Your Settings

Visit http://www.google.com/ from your browser, if the page is resolved then the settings are working just fine. If it throws error, you might want to re-start this procedure from Step 1.

For LAN Users:

Follow the steps below...

Step 1: Go to Control Panel -> Network & Internet -> Network Connection -> Right Click on Ethernet Adapter -> Properties.
Step 2: Select Internet Protocol 4 (IPv4) and click on properties.
Step 3: Enter Google dns server address as shown in the pic.

Click save & follow step 4 & 5 (above) to flush dns cache & browser cache & restart. visit http://www.google.com/ and you're done.

Hope you find it helpful ! Let me know if it worked for you in the comments.