A Beginning of something New...

Yes, its in the air, it surrounds me & I'm full of it. I'm not talking about 'Love' dumbo, I'm talking about 'Happiness'.

The past few days have been mesmerizing for me, it all came unexpected as if I'm still dreaming. I suspect if i've finally found a way to bond with people over these past days?

Okay enough with flatter, getting to the point. I've recently made some friends and meeting them has changed the very definition of 'friendship' for me. Is it just the adrenaline rush that you get when seeing new faces or is it lack of having good friends in my life?

'the question keeps coming back to me'.

They're exactly how I' imagined a friend to be, which is why I was able to connect with them in such a short time. One of them is a family friend whom I've known from my school days and another is a best friend of her.

We all study the same major in grad school, same age group but different brains & hearts. One of them is Crazy & Smart. Other one is very humble & sweet. Sure we all have brains but that's not the factor that I'm concerned of !

We got onto the facebook, created a group and started talking about our Interests, likes & dislikes, jokes, arguments & sharing smiley's :) :D ;) ^_^ we even have nicknames (Ellie, Sparkiee, Spookiee)

Today I had the honor to meet both of them at Sparkiee's home. We ate puri with 'Chole' north indian style :) And then we listened to few romantics and started talking about our lives in depth something that I haven't had in our facebook conversations.

Sure talking to people in person feels different, they surely made my day today. I was so excited to meet them, even my stomach felt happie & refuse to bug me during lunch.

We sat on the spiral stairs and started talking about our future, our past & the present. The joy I felt seeing their faces in the end was something that I'll never forget.

This would definately go into one of my fav memories of all time :) :D
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