We Owe Everything to Black Holes

We Owe Everything to Black Holes
I'm completely fascinated by black holes and especially super-massive black holes. 

The fact that not even our greatest minds are able to explain most of the things about them is simply stunning. We managed to "weigh" the entire universe, to determine its curvature, to "count" the stars (at least estimate the number of stars) and even the atoms in the universe, to "see" back in time when the universe was just a baby... And still if you ask a scientist something that looks simple like "What is a black hole made of?" or "What is in the center of a black hole?" - everyone starts scratching their heads. And the fact that the most destructive force in nature is also the one that gives life is even more mind blowing. 

I mean the huge monsters super massive black holes that we find in the center of every galaxy and the fact that they're closely related to the size of the galaxy and probably responsible even for the formation of the galaxy... Because without galaxies, we have no stars, no stars - no planets, no planets - no life. At the end it may turn out that we owe our existence to the most powerful and destructive thing the universe has ever produced. The irony.
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