Samsung CES 2015 Press Conference

Samsung CES 2015 Press Conference
Year 2014 can be labelled as Samsung's Year, the company has seen great success among its wide range of products from Mobile Smartphones to Entertainment & Home appliances. But you'll know that success driven in 2014 was mostly due to smartphones. I was hoping to see Samsung unveil another of its Smartphone lineups entirely different from its present Galaxy series.

Samsung CES 2015 Press Conference
Home Appliances
Looks like the word 'Galaxy' has been synonym for their success and they chose not to deviate from it. Samsung has announced a new web Platform 'Tizen' which is currently been deployed in its Tizen Powered Smartphone, Gear & Smart TV's. With the emergence of this new platform, I was expecting samsung to surprise us with another bleeding edge product line purely based on Tizen, but as you can see there were no announcements about Smartphones made in 2015 CES. I'm highly disappointed, half of their CES press conference was all about their Curved SUHDTV (Super Ultra High Def TV). Although I like their Curved Tv; But the other products showcased were from Home Appliances which were introduced past year. I felt like there was nothing new about their CES 2015 show except for Milk Music, Video & VR.

There's one thing that I'm excited to see, their VR Keynote tonight, but other than that the Chef Club, R&D Lab in Los Angeles and app for chef's was all boring.

You can watch the CES 2015 Conference below & let me know 'what you think' ?

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