RPO Hyderabad Sucks on many Levels

RPO Hyderabad sucks in many waysI was appalled by the way the Regional Passport Office Hyderabad works, which is now shifted to Secundrabad.

People who have no knowledge would get easily lost in the clutter and confusion created by third party I quote 'So called Advocates' sitting outside the RPO with their type writers & beard faces. Their appearances look quite similar to thieves.

I went to RPO Secundrabad to get my passport stamped and signed by the RPO Officer, cause some xyz person in the RPO forgot to validate my passport and sent it to my address. After 10 days of receiving passport I went to get it corrected. ..

While I was parking my vehicle outside the RPO, some men approached me asking inquiry/correction? I replied 'none' Cause I just had to get stamp and signature, there were no corrections to be made. One of them started asking for my passport for which I deflected, why do you need my passport ?

All these rowdy looking scoundrels were definitely out for money, that's what I thought when I saw them fighting amongst themselves. Well all this is normal I guess, corrupted offices everywhere. Even outside Uppal RTO we can find many people who are willing to do our work for hefty price without any strain.

What concerns me is that in the presence of local authority all this was happening. Okay my case is different cause I know I don't need these people, I can get my thing done for free by going inside and taking token for the counter. But these people they were swarming up saying you need this, that ,,, the documents and stuff.

Any Novice person with little or no knowledge on how to get these things done would invariably end up paying them more money than what it actually takes. Plus not to forget its just a waste of time with these guys, and you get stuck with them once you've given your documents to them. So be careful !

I'm writing this post, to enlighten people expecting them to stumble upon this on google search so that they can stay away from these melodramatic activities. I must confess despite being at the heart of the City, this office has very poor Infrastructure compared to other RPO Offices and less sign boards for people to follow...

When will this country Improve ?
RPO Hyderabad Sucks on many Levels RPO Hyderabad Sucks on many Levels Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on January 31, 2015 Rating: 5

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