Reddit Co-Founder Urges to Voice your Opinions Today

In an attempt to over throw FCC's rule on Net Neutrality. Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian urged all the redditors to voice their opinion on Net Neutrality today. Discussing the defeat Congress had to face around SOPA & PIPA, it shouldn't be taken for granted.
Reddit Co-Founder urges all the Internet Users to Contact FCC Today
Alexis Ohanian along with Snoo..
Here's a snippet from reddit blog..
I'm so proud of how reddit has led the fight for Title II and now we need one more push. We're expecting the FCC to issue a new rule on Net Neutrality on February 26th and we need to be sure that Congress hears from us so they don't get any bad ideas to overturn the FCC's decision. I've gone all over the United States talking about the importance of the open internet and what a difference millions of Americans (many of you) made in thwarting SOPA & PIPA -- now the internet needs you again. Demand Progress, Fight For The Future, Free Press Action Fund, and reddit have partnered around today's push: Battle For The Net. All you have to do is enter your phone number. Or, just for today, you can call (858) WHEELER or (858) 943-3537. 
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