Movie Review: 'Time Lapse'

Director -: Bradley King
Casting In Movie -: Danielle Panabaker, Matt O’Leary, George Finn
Released Year -: 2014
Country From -: USA
Language Used -: English
Genres seems -: Sci-Fi | Thriller
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Review: It has one of these bizarre movie plots, I've ever seen. Movie features a timelapse camera which is built by a scientist who was experimenting something, with this camera he can capture the moments from the future. Kinda like glimpsing through the lens... but only specific moments. The movie revolves around 3 friends among them is a female who is gf to one of the boys. One of the actors is passionate about painting but in reality he's a plumber. The other is interested in making money so he'd mostly spend in betting Races.

And the girl is writer I mean she writes poetry... and stuff. That's pretty much it, they discover this opportunity and mean to cease it for their own gain. But how the pictures were able to peek into the future remains a mystery throughout the movie. Its just dumb and lame.. they'd get picture everyday at 8pm in evening and they'd try to manipulate the exact situations leading to that moment in the pic.

So basically these 3 people were used as Guinea pigs for this scientists experiment eventually this guy ended up dead and so did the other two guys, the girl who knew about this was arrested for it is her that killed the both guys.
Movie Review: 'Time Lapse' Movie Review: 'Time Lapse' Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on January 05, 2015 Rating: 5
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