Japanese Student Kidnapped and Gang Raped In India
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A 22-year-old Japanese student was kidnapped and gang raped for nearly three weeks during a Buddhist pilgrimage to eastern India. She managed to escape her captors on December 26 and reached Kolkata to file a police complaint. A Kolkata tourist guide took the woman to a Buddhist center in Bodh Gaya, where Buddha supposedly reached enlightenment. The guide and four others then held her captive and repeatedly raped her, according to the police report. 

 Authorities have arrested three men in relation to the gang rape, but are still looking for the other two perpetrators. 

India has a long history of acceptance for sexual violence, but public outrage over a series of notorious sexual assaults have enacted tougher anti-rape laws recently – although adherence to laws are a major issue in the developing South Asian country and many rapes go unreported. 

On Friday, Reuters reported that a woman accused an Uber driver in New Dehli of raping her. Another girl who was 16 years old told CBS news how she was gang raped and filmed in 2012 by eight of her neighbors. Her father was so ashamed that he committed suicide. “I come from an educated family and I understand these things,” she said. “Many other girls are too frightened, but I went to the police.”

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