How to Install Firefox 35 in Linux ?
Mozilla recently introduced Firefox Hello, the first global communications system built directly into a browser to help make things easier.

To perform Firefox chats with other people using WebRTC-supported browsers like Firefox, Chrome or Opera, you just need to share the provided link with them and the connection goes through the Mozilla servers.

Because Firefox 35 is not available via any repository yet, we have to download Firefox 35 from the Mozilla site, extract the archive, move to /opt and alias the launcher. Follow the instructions for your system’s architecture exactly, in order to get a successful installation.

For x64 Architecture
  1. $ wget

For x32 Architecture 
  1. $ wget
  2. $ tar -xjvf firefox-35.0b1.tar.bz2
  3. $ sudo mv firefox /opt/firefox35
  4. $ sudo ln -sf /opt/firefox35/firefox /usr/bin/firefox
To remove Firefox 35, do:

$ sudo rm -r /opt/firefox35beta /usr/bin/firefox

After Installing, locate the Hello icon in the menu bar or customization panel, simply click the ‘Start a conversation’ button to create your first conversation.