Finding Happiness in our 20's

Finding Happiness in our 20's
During Freshers Party
As teenagers we tend to look around and notice that the adults in our lives have made several mistakes that we consider foolish and avoidable. We envision ourselves as smart enough to avoid making similar mistakes and we envision ourselves enjoying a relatively perfect life because of it.

When shit gets real, when you are no longer just a passenger in the minivan of life, you make a few mistakes too. Maybe they aren't even mistakes, maybe they are things that just fall in your lap and you have to make a bad decision or a worse decision. Also, you start to realize that the job you picked isn't quite as fun as playing video games all day and you might start to feel disappointed. You start to doubt yourself, your choices, and your future.
You feel like there is still time to do something to set things back on track to the perfect life you planned for yourself, but you are not exactly sure what you should do. You get more and more discouraged as you quickly creep through your 20s. Some get lucky and find happiness, I think they die first for some reason though.
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