Evolution of Texting

Evolution of Texting
There was a time when messages were just a simple, short pieces of Information used to convey a message. For example consider this:

How are you ?
I'm fine.
Can we Meet ?
Okay !
Here, the messages are short & precise. But over years people started putting more to it than just short messages. People started letting their emotions into it, Lets say becoming more humane rather than sounding like a robot. Now people text like this:
How are You ?
umm... I'm fine !
Can we meet ?
Yeah, Sure ! :)
by Humane i mean people started being more informal in their texts, I don't know if its comfortable that people look into when texting someone or is it just laziness ? But this evolution from Simple & precise to nowadays texts filled with emoticons has seen major growth. The sole purpose of emoticons was to fill this void, isn't that right ?
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