I know there is a theory that boredom doesn't exist. Is an excuse for discomfort with a situation that you don't like. Or anguish. Something that you need to think through but you prefer to say you are bored to not think about the problem. In a similar manner all the people have to make some sort of effort to leave the comfort zone in order to know strangers. And the lack of energy or just plain laziness to do this make you hide under the word shyness.

I know this is not an argument, but a lot of people I know use this word as an excuse to don't even try to make social progress. Every time I want to do something that is out of my comfort zone there is a debate in my head. I try to understand the reasons why I'm not asking that girl out, or why I'm not doing a public act. I think this people I know prefer to say that they are shy and that's a perfect way to stop thinking. I don't think is a good idea to stop thinking stuff and hide behind words that conveniently other peoples accept like a proper reason.