Movie Review: John Wick

This movie has gained so much popularity in Asia, that even western film Industry has come out with a movie based on the same plot. There's an Indian Version of the movie too titled 'Ek Villian' which is also based on the same Korean movie. Enough said, jumping onto the review...

"John is currently at his weakest, his wife died. He mourns for her everyday in his memories, he keeps playing the time (actually just a clip recorded in his cell phone) over and over again, living the moments that he'd spent with her. The moment his wife entered in his life, he sacrificed his old living, the old John came clean with everything. Then all of a sudden, a punk (son of one of the associates john worked back in the day) decides to steal his car and f**k his dog. yeah f**k, because the word has been emphasized a lot in the movie.

Pissed john now seeks revenge. His father hires a contractor to kill John Wick and the story continues with bang bang bang,... you can imagine."

The movie is still good even though the story was all same. But what i most liked about this movie is the character of John Wick, If it wasn't for Keanu Reeves I'd not have watched this movie at all. Don't expect anything new if you're watching this movie cause you can obviously make out what will happen in the 1st half an hour of the movie. But i'm sure all the newbies watching would enjoy it.
Movie Review: John Wick Movie Review: John Wick Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on November 06, 2014 Rating: 5

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