Technological Progress is Bad

Smartphones are rapidly increasing in popularity. I don't necessarily mind them, they are good when you're bored outside of home. It's when people prefer using them over desktops and laptops that it bothers me.

I just can't understand why anybody would prefer a smartphone over a PC. Navigating a phone is just so tedious and restricted. It's also really difficult to type anything without a proper keyboard.

I know I shouldn't care what other people do with their life, but it's not like it doesn't affect me at all. I occasionally see links to mobile versions of websites, and lots of big(and small) websites change their design to be more mobile friendly, even on the desktop version of their page. It's plain ugly, and also really disturbing. It makes browsing much more difficult! The word "App" itself pisses me off...

I realize I'm kinda turning into one of these grumpy old persons(I'm not very old, though), who just can't accept any change, and think all technological progress is bad.