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No advancement in Technology to cure Cancer

English: Cancer cells photographed by camera a...
English: Cancer cells photographed by camera attached to microscope in time-lapse manner. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
No matter how much we boast about diving into the future with our new inventions in technology we still haven't found a cent percent cure for cancer. I'm no doctor, but I've often heard doctors citing that the chief reason for the difficulty in curing cancer is that "cancer" is many hundreds of different types of diseases/disorders. It is incurable, because cancer isn't a single disease. "Cancer" is an overarching term for when your cells multiply out of control. There are as many types of cancer as there are cells in your body, and each one is different from the next, and they all require a different strategy to kill.

Don't get me wrong, there will always be newer and better treatments for cancer, but there will never be a way to 100% prevent it. Your body will always have 1000's of cells that become cancerous, and every now and then your immune system will fail to kill one.

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