Linux GUI is equally appreciated if not even more than Windows

Xfce graphical user interface
Xfce graphical user interface (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
To be honest, I have noticed less complaints about Linux desktops compared to the desktop of Windows. The "Metro" look has been razzed since its beginning which now even exceeds the complaints when Gnome developers fumbled the ball at the start of Version 3. Now that, I thought would never be beat!

Also No Desktop is Perfect or OS is perfect. Reason is because is built by people and people are not perfect. When we are talking ease of use, any day I would take a GTK-Linux based desktop due to being easily able to find programs. Instead of Windows making a desktop for Linux, should be the other way around! I would absolutely love to see Windows take on a Gnome, LXDE, or XFCE desktop, maybe then I would consider using one of their OS's again!

The Linux and MS market will never change no matter what, unless someone throws in the towel and quits. People make their choice of what works for them. Even though I tend to call Windows a torture-based OS, I do understand people like it and no matter what I do or say will never change that fact. Same holds true for Linux. It all counts on what users like.
Is nice to see MS recognizing the existence of Linux even more and realizing they better stop knocking it down, since it is not going to go away. Sure wish the same would hold true on their war against Apple. Even though I do not use Apple or Windows, I have zero respect for MS downing their competitors on TV, as is pathetic. Main focus should be on improving their systems.

Do you ever see Apple or Linux/Android knocking MS in a commercial??? They could talk about all those phones that are shutting down when they feel like, but never do. So, MS should hold that same respect for their competitor.
Linux GUI is equally appreciated if not even more than Windows Linux GUI is equally appreciated if not even more than Windows Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on October 31, 2014 Rating: 5

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