Jealous Personality of my Class

Ever came across a friend who is always sticking up with you in every occasion ? Getting too attached? I'm having dispute with one such person who always bugs me, you know sometimes its ohk to a limit where i can stand him. But sometimes i get frustrated with his acts. He ponders over me as if I'm his teddy bear (relating to the expression), i know boys don't play with teddy bears atleast not me. So this chap tries so hard to grab my attention in class that i almost feel as if he's gay. I don't know about his sexuality and i respect that whatever it maybe but that much focus on someone can lead the opposite person to think I'm gay. (Which I am not Period)

 The next day i get to know that he is jealous of me, not most of the time but sometimes when he sees me interacting with others in diverse topics and he just can't take it.

From this day forward i have limited myself from him because he has become a distraction for me. I feel sad that he has become the person he is today.

Jealous Personality of my Class Jealous Personality of my Class Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on October 30, 2014 Rating: 5

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