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Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure
Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I was playing FIFA a while back and started having these crazy, funny ideas for games. Here are a few that I've thought of so far. Do you have any game ideas you'd like to share ? Post it in the comments...

1. Open World Game where you start out as an infant and live your life to adulthood. You can choose between so many different professions, which all have different forms of game-play (lawyer = phoenix wright, army = CoD, hitman = Hitman, etc.). It would be a half arsed frenzy to make, but if done right it would be amazing and have so much re-playability.

 2. In the future, a scientific experiment gone wrong leads to the discovery of the Ethereal state- a state in between 2 different planes. People able to become ethereal can control the power of gods-able to enter electronic systems, phase through solid objects, becoming nigh invincible. They are known as Liches. People who can control this gift are valuable to intelligence agencies around the world, their abilities perfect for clandestine work. (This is a work in progress). I plan to have it set in Norway or some Scandinavian country that has rejected advanced tech.

3. A dynamic sandbox game set in a corrupt medium-sized city, where you can choose from a variety of roles (cop, politician, criminal, etc.) and have many different ways to get ahead. Blackmail, protection schemes, drug trade, etc. It wouldn't have a traditional beginning or end, unless your character dies or gets sent to prison. Heavy RPG elements.

4. A 3D, open world Dragonball Z game with a lot of fully destructible environments. Even a 3D, 8th gen version of the Legacy of Goku series would suffice :)

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