Emergence of Cell Phone Spying

Emergence of Cell Phone Spying
Mobile phone evolution 
One of the most clever things about that late 1990s (1999?) was its foresight. The snoops saw that a large number of people had cell phones. They noted that the phones were being carried at all times. They noted that more and more people were getting them, but they were still kind of thought of as a bit of a "luxury."

Back in the 90s people like my parents would scoff when they saw someone on a cell phone. They thought of it as "showing off."

I recall my mom rolling her eyes and whispering to me that someone was just trying to "act like they're a big deal" when a woman waiting in line at the grocer was quietly talking on her phone. I told her "Well, what if she's a Doctor? Maybe its an important call, you don't know."

By pushing their legislation back then, the snoops could label people as "whiners" if they didn't go along: "Hey, man, just be happy you have one of those fancy cellular phones! So what if a few people might be tracked, that's a luxury and you're paying the price for it you high fallutin' crybaby!"

If they struck immediately with this legislation, they would reap huge benefits as the technology steadily rolls out to every possible person - college students, middle-aged business people, and eventually even grandmothers and little kids. Now my mom doesn't even own a damn microwave, but my mom and dad both have cell phones.

The domestic spies got their legislation in just before the cell phone became completely ubiquitous. They were very clever. That way society would just "grow into" being watched. Gotta hand it to them: Seems they couldn't predict Taj Incident in Mumbai, but they saw this societal trend pretty early on.
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