Computer Revolution will help us Evolve in future

Conflict Resolution in Human Evolution
Conflict Resolution in Human Evolution
I believe that once our computers are smarter than us, it's only a matter of time before we are able to harness that processing power and patch it into our own brains.

I'm not saying I have designed a computer capable of being implanted into a brain and working as a part of it, I just dont see it as being unrealistic considering the perpetually increasing sophistication in technology we have seen in the last 500 years. The society and technology in the year 2214 would be unrecognisable to us. Imagine trying to explain facetime or airplanes or digital storage or our level of social equality and modern medicine to someone from the early 19th century.

We perpetually advance faster and faster in an upward curve (look at the past 10,000 years worth of human accomplishments compared to the last 500 years). It is only logical that once we have created both a superior intelligence to human beings and a way to merge that with our own consciousness, it will be the next stage of human evolution.
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