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China to Upgrade all PCs to Ubuntu Kylin by 2020

Tux, the Linux penguin
Tux, the Linux penguin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
China have announced a new time frame in which they will move to a new operating system. It will consist of 15% of government computers being switched to Linux per year. The report by Ni Guangnan outlining the transition won government approval and by 2020 the Chinese Government’s transition to Linux should be complete.

Earlier this year the Chinese Government decided that they would ban the use of Windows 8 and upwards on Government computers due to security concerns about the operating system, it was assumed that China would seek to move to a Linux distribution for government computers, this has been confirmed and they plan to make the complete switch by 2020. The timetable to replace the Microsoft product also extends to servers, chips and software. The China Banking Regulatory Commission has already informed banks to swap to domestic operating systems too.

 Microsoft is not in a good position in China, they are currently being investigated for monopolistic behavior similar to what happened in Europe which led to the browser ballot box being distributed in the OS a few years ago.

Source: The Mukt

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