You can't teach Men not to Rape

Before I get burned at the stake, let me set a few facts out.

My stance comes from a viewpoint that lies between the "women need to look out for themselves" and "don't enable rape culture; women should dress and behave as they please" viewpoints. I think any person should be able to go where they please and do what they please without worrying about having their personal liberty infringed on.

No one should have to watch their glass like a hawk and their friend's glass and make sure they're not alone and make sure they don't drink too much for fear that someone will take their lowered guard as a chance to sexually assault them. No one should live in fear of ANYTHING. It's plain old not healthy.

So, that brings us to "teach men not to rape!" While I'm not a rapist, I'm aware that a very very tiny portion of the population are able and willing to force themselves on others by means of drugs or good ol' muscle.

How do you "teach" that tiny portion to not rape without demonizing a large portion of the model citizens who are an example of what the solution looks like?

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