Thoughts on ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Dumping cold water on yourself will literally do nothing to help the cause. And to all those people who dump water without donating, you mean well, but you aren't helping anybody at all. Poor old nerd3 is getting so much shit for not doing the challenge. Everyone who watches his videos will have seen the challenge before, so him doing it will accomplish nothing apart from cheap YouTube views. Which is something he will never take advantage of. 

Another thing. ALS isn't the only disease out there. If your gonna donate, spread out the donations.Donating to ALS only when it's trending is a good thing, but please, do not expect me to praise you with kisses on the feet for a one time donation of $10 to the currently popular charity. 

I'll leave out the part where people don't understand how charities work and think that they are ripping you of, because the majority of Internet seems to think that.
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