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Schrödinger's Theism

"I believe in science and science says maybe."

I call it Schrödinger's Theism

I've been struggling with what to call my religious beliefs for a while. It's a lot like agnosticism, but that never seemed quite right to me. I finally came up with the correct term: Schrödinger's Theism.

For those who don't know, Schrödinger's cat is a cat who is put in a box and then the box is shot or stabbed or what have you. You don't know if the cat was hit. The cat is either alive or dead in there, and until you know, the cat is both alive AND dead.

Another thing I need to explain is the multiverse/bubble-universe theory. This one is simple; it says that there are infinite universes.

Now we combine these two theories with religion. The multiverse theory says that there are infinite universes in which each religion is right and infinite where they are wrong. Schrödinger's cat says this means that until proof is obtained, each religion is both right and wrong.

I believe that God is definitely real, except that He is definitely not.

I don't know if this will seem true for anyone else, but it's true for me so I thought other people might find it interesting.

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