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Net Neutrality Protest to Slow down Internet on Sept 10

If this works, enough people will be pissed to actually get something done.

I feel sorry for the American public because it is obvious that they are about to be f**ked over by the monopoly ISPs even worse than they already are. However, America isn't the world, and the rest of the world isn't going to chain itself to America's mistakes.

If it were me running a business I'd just put a splash screen up for US visitors stating that we don't serve the US because it is not economically viable for us to do so, and specifically cite the anti-net neutrality legislation/climate as the reason for that.

But what concerns me the most is, some american muppet cabinet f**ked up, and now american people want to stir up the internet for everyone on the planet to make a point that involves only them? Keep your plight to your own Damn cubicle, america. Jeez..

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