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Much New Improved LibreOffice 4.3 Released

Much New Improved LibreOffice 4.3 Released
I appreciate cleanup more than new features. LibreOffice already does everything most people could imagine, now the important part is to make it performant and easy to work with. I'm amazed on how much clutter they were able to remove, what intrigues me is what kind of author has left it in in the first place?

I also find it funny that the developers themselves don't even know how to trigger many of the dialog windows.
Highlights - Berlin, July 30, 2014The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice 4.3. Lots of people worked on this, and I think it's better than ever. LibreOffice 4.3 fixes a lot of broken things and adds other nice things!
  • Document interoperability: supports a ton of new document types and improves support of some existing ones.
  • Comment management: comments can now be shown on the side of the paper, and they look nicer so you can work on things with your friends.
  • Intuitive spreadsheet handling: The math-grids are smarter, and act more like you expect them to.
  • 3D models in Impress: support for adding fancy 3D bling to your presentations, from various different sources.
LibreOffice 4.3 also support “monster” paragraphs longer than you'd ever conceivably use, but it's cool because they finally fixed it after 11 years!

I read about countries adopting slowly here and there open source solutions and saving millions. It would be nice if several of them, the big ones, would pledge some continuous sum of money every year. Imagine where it could be in few years with extra 20 developers.

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