Motivation, Philosophy and Responsibility

Love, live and act.
  • Love- Show love to the people you love and allow it to be known.
  • Live- Get out there and do everything you can that's within your ability.
  • Act- Do what you are thinking, if you want to say I love you, say it. If you think they are doing it wrong, say it and help. Stand up for your morals and code.
I am responsible for my own existence. If I wish to succeed I must achieve success myself. If I make a mistake I must own it fully. I obey no limitations or restrictions save for those I choose myself. I understand that for every action there is a reaction and that consequences can never be dodged.  
One of my biggest problems with religion, that people think they can act however and just be "forgiven" by some deity. There are only two aspect of how actions affect people: there is your intent and there is the actual way that people are affected. Only one of those is under your control (the intent). Unfortunately, many people believe that the intent is the only thing that matters, disregarding the way that other people are affected by the action. They believe that as long as they had the right intent, God will see that and they are fine. Brings to light an unfortunate ignorance of other people's feelings that is prevalent in too many cultures.
Everything you own can be lost, but an experience can never be taken away.
 As far as I can understand, our only purpose for being on this planet is to love others and even when we don't "love" them exactly, to love them outwardly. I'm not concerned with changing the world or being whatever it is that "happy" is supposed to be. Every individual life that I improve is more important than any dream or accomplishment I could achieve. And I have found that along the way, my life will become brighter too.
 "Nobody likes an asshole, so don't be one".
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