ISIS is Against their Religion Teachings

Greater Middle East
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What’s going on in the middle east at the moment has never angered me so much, the ISIS are the most delusional people I have ever seen. They claim to fighting for a religious cause yet they interpret there holy book in such a horrific matter, justifying there reasons for murdering and raping people.

They are attempting to take over the middle east and ridding it of all Christians, it angers me so much how a group like that which abide by the most inhumane fucked up rules gain so many followers and are powerful enough to succeed in what there trying to do.

What makes it worse is that while this is all going down, no one in the world is taking it seriously... You have governments commenting on it here and there but no real thing is happening to stop it, who is going to protect the Christians in those countries? It amazes me how nowadays when Hitler comes up in conversation everyone’s reaction is “can’t believe that happened” or “how could they kill so many people due to a religion” well what do you think is happening right now over there? It might not be as extreme as what Hitler did, but it’s the same shit. They are attempting to remove an entire religion from the Middle East and it’s not bothering anyone, it amazes me how hypocritical and selfish this world can be. I’m not saying anything bad about Muslims in general so don’t take this to heart, I have friends I’ve known since I was young who are Muslims and I love to death, it’s just specifically the people who are a part of the ISIS for “Islamic reasons”.
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