Greater Sense of Unity

Few minutes back, a friend called asking whether I was going to college today? I had told him that I won't be able to come because I had to stay at home.

He had told me no body was going to college. I was surprised. It's not a collaborative decision of all of us not going to college, but perhaps a coincidence.

I remember when I was in my freshmen year, people were united, everyone was humble and most importantly there was no disputes among friends.

But after having watched over years (3 yrs later) everything had changed. Friends became enemies, foes to friends. Disputes and egos had taken over.

As if the little bit of unity that we had started fading away. But today.. we overcome all those obstacles, despite our differences we were still able to maintain unity among us.

Unlike the other major departments In our college. We were different, we aligned our thoughts, synchronised our movements.

Finally it gives me a great pleasure knowing we still have that unity among us even if we're distances apart.