Dissemination of Thoughts on Facebook

Dissemination of Thoughts on Facebook
Does anyone remember this little place, the little place that was meant to give you a voice? There were online blogs and places filled with advertisements that said they would let you communicate with your friends but then we found this new place. A place that offered multiple photos in your profile and a separate place for all your ramblings, your thoughts, drawn out and given room to breathe amongst the stifling brevity that was the rich mans financed social experiment. Proof you cannot buy a community with free thoughts and constantly changing emotions or personalities. This new place had a section where you could write your heart out, you could put the whole thing out there, off your sleeve and into someones computer monitor. Your friends could read what really made you tick, what drove your heart and mind, and what made you human. These short form letters to the world would be the start of a beautiful dialogue with anyone who had the time and interest to hear what you felt you needed to say.

Then someone noticed... They saw this place that was a nest, a focal point, filled with minds begging for meaning and they laid the foundations for their virus. Starting with tags and likes, they gave your thoughts an arbitrary value, something to artificially gauge your importance and popularity, a way to make you insecure regardless of the pride in the meaning of your true feelings. This was surprising as you thought "Surely I could never care less for this superficial number, a direct product of the textbook of psychology." But time is a terrible thing. The minds instinctual need to find validation, the impulse to coalesce with the masses, to know that your thoughts mean something to someone else but you. It was a slow gradient of change, but they took it away, the long form, the completed thought, and most importantly the place where you could find out what you really thought when you sat down to emote.

Your status, it was the best way to condescend your own life, to give your friends the "Cliff's Notes" of what your mind was creating. Quick movie quotes and funny pictures have further devolved the community's ability to establish a complete and original thought, something originating from your minds wonderful ability to analyze the information from your 5 sensory inputs and find its own place within the information of life. And its gone... You gave it away. Of course this is still here, the notes section, because information is too valuable to erase in this time where every zero and one are watched, but its meaning is gone, the reality of dissemination of thought has been traded for your favorite liked page's corporate sponsored special edition free for the first hundred comments.

Share this if you don't read it, for that is the best way to find your way back from the edge.
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