80% Android Users Worldwide Susceptible to Vulnerabilities

The CM Security Research lab has found variety of android system vulnerabilities that threatened users in July. These flaws can be taken advantage by hackers, and then the malware infections prevent users from using the phone normally, resulting in mobile payment, safety issues and leaks of personal Information.

(com.android.phone): This Malware can call anybody without User Intimation/Intervention.

Generally, Android Phones need the user's permission before they can make phone calls. However the android vulnerability 'Phone (com.android.phone)' allows malware to initiate or end a call or even make calls without gaining the permission of user.

These kind of bugs interfere with normal calls , lock the Sim card & delete personal information or even misuse it. (All the annoying stuff)

Currently 59% of worldwide Android users are affected by this vulnerability, these are the users running android version 4.1 and 4.2. Users with Android version 4.3 above may not be susceptible.

This flaw is found in most Android phones, affecting huge number of Users. Even though it is fixed in Android 4.4, it can still affect more than 80% android users who have not or cannot upgrade.

Tips on how to increase Safety of your device...
  • Update your device to the newest version.
  • Encrypt your phone (go to Settings -> Security -> Encrypt )
  • Install reliable antivirus software to detect vulnerabilities and protect your phone. I recommend you install clean master & clean security.
"This post was Originally posted on CM Security Research"
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  1. How does encrypting my phone help me if there is malware installed, or even prevent it for that matter?

    1. Encryption allows your data to be safe when you give away your phone to others or sell it. You think doing a factory reset is going to remove all your data then there's a flash news for you. No it doesn't. People selling their android devices on ebay and other networks are more susceptible for this! Any hacker can exploit .. this vulnerability!

  2. U should link recommendations to google play. Searching for clean master & clean security now.


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