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ALSA tries to Trademark Ice Bucket Challenge

ALS is one of sicknesses that you don't even wish for your worst enemies. It is one of big reasons why sick people are traveling to place like Switzerland's dignitas clinic so that they can kill themself. And it is also one sickness that doesn't get much research money, because it is so rare disease (2-3 in 100 000 gets it).

I don't know why they are trying to trademark (and likely kill) excellent social movement that is bringing food to their table. Maybe there is some scam running for it and they trying to protect it - or maybe their CEO just did get some crazy CEO idea that will bring more money to his pockets.

Now don't get me wrong. I think it is a great idea with how much awarness this is raising and how much money they have now recieved because of it.

On a side note however, some people don't understand that you don't have to bully a person into pouring ice water over their head to do something about it because they have already donated. Or even if they didn't want to donate it is their buisness they shouldn't be made to feel bad about it like people are doing to one another.

I just hope that people keep contributing money to research (maybe through some other way instead of ALSA) - that is pretty much only way how ALS is going to get cured. Anyway here - some nice Fortune article about ALSA and it's money spending for your further reading.

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