Why is Chrome the most preferred web browser ?

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Chrome has the benefit of being a Google product and Google has one of the fastest DNS services in the world. DNS is like the Internet-equivalent of a phone-book.

When you initially tell your browser that you want to go to a site like twitter.com, it first has to go ask the DNS server where twitter.com is located by requesting its IP address. This whole process introduces a delay before you can even start downloading and rendering content from the website. By taking advantage of Google's super-fast DNS service, the browser can perform DNS look-up requests faster than many other competing browsers.

Chrome also focuses a lot on prefetching, caching and prerendering. This basically means that Chrome tries to anticipate what website you intend to go to or what link(s) you might click on and then starts performing DNS requests, downloading content and preparing web pages in advance. This can lead improvements in the load times of certain web pages.
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