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2014 FIFA World Cup
I used to play football in my high school, that was it. After high school I never got time to play football. And on the other side, I never liked cricket from the beginning. I never really understood why the world's biggest countries (in size) has never ever once qualified for the world cup games ?

Despite the huge population, why hasn't any of them been any good at the game ? I just found out that Netherlands has a population of like 15 million. India and China put together have most of the world's people. Yes many of them face poverty and bad social conditions, but so do people in Brazil and many African countries. Dani Alves, who plays for Brazil grew up in abject poverty. Yet, here he is playing for his country.

 Being an Indian It never occurred me to find out why India is so poor at football ? Cricket seems so integrated in peoples minds, they don't seem to consider anything else. India and maybe a few other countries are the only ones on the planet that play cricket well.

India and other south-east Asian countries are the only ones where cricket is even popular compared to other sports. What does India need to do to make the sport more popular and produce a good football team? I know India qualified once for the world cup way back for which they didn't even attend.