What I've learned so far

One of the most important lessons I've learned in my 21 years of existence is the lesson of self love and self worth. You have to love yourself before you can really appreciate loving someone else. Your existence is important, and you mean something! You are worth so much more than you could ever imagine. Love yourself, you are beautiful!!!!
  • I care. The empathy I've opened up for others has taught me so much. Looking through others perspective and point of view teaches you life.
  • I sing. I love to sing with another person, like in the car driving somewhere. Singing is contagious when you both know the words, and it produces positive energy.
  • I have overcome the obstacles that have been presented to me, and I accept that I still have even more to learn and bumpier roads ahead. I got through it before... Bring it on! 
  • I have learned to forgive those that did/do not know better and have hurt me. I no longer hold on to that negativity. It's a wasted emotion.
  •  I'm PROUD of myself. I didn't sink beneath the waves of bad influence that surrounded my upbringing. I instead used it as fuel to produce a more positive future for myself. 
I have to admit that this was a really hard list to come up with. It's kind of funny that I can admit it to myself and on the Internet, but I would never admit it to anyone I know personally.
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