Weirdest thing that happened to me

This incident happened when I was in my sophomore year of graduation.

As usual I was getting ready to go to college. Mom had put breakfast & milk on the table. Before I start eating, I always wear my shoes so that I don't have to do it afterwards (in case if i get delayed, i'd still make it out of home at time).

I brought the shoes inside, dusted it a little. It was nike sneakers, while i was trying the right leg shoe. I felt something bulge inside, I thought it was a paper or my own socks. So i tap my right leg wearing shoes hard on the floor... hold on this is going to be messy.

After few moments i realized that i must have killed an insect... that thing that was inside the shoe squashed & later that day i found out that I have squashed a green lizard inside my shoe. It felt like stomping on shit literally...

'Ewww' was my reactions secs after stomping it... that day i refused to go to college, but mom insisted.. thank god i was at least wearing socks that day... Mom had told me to wash off my feet & wear other shoe.

When i asked my mom 'Why was there a green lizard in my shoe ?' She replied 'Must have hid inside shoe cause it was raining hard the other day'. Since then I' always check my shoes throughly before putting my feet inside.
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