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World wouldn't have agreed on anything, everyone has different opinions, likes and such. I believe if it wasn't for Nuclear Weapons the world (meaning the other countries) wouldn't have come together in collaboration. Since now most of the super countries now have their own nuclear missiles.

With how close the world has come to annihilating itself because of leaders who've been a bit trigger happy (Cuban Missile Crisis) I truly believe nukes are pretty much the only reason the world isn't in major conflict right now.

The Cold War for example. If the US and the Soviets didn't have their nuclear arsenal, what reason would Stalin, Khrushchev, etc have for NOT invading the rest of Europe? They could've easily done so and not much the US could've done to stop them.

Our greatest and most terrifying weapons are pretty much our salvation and force us to cooperate even if we don't like each other.