Movie Review - Transformers Age of Extinction

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This movie has been hyped too much among TF series lovers. I mean I liked the transformers movie until the 2nd part. After that its just shitty story with loads & loads of explosions. I do like the way these were captured, that detail but this movie had a real shitty story.

I've never seen someone disrespect Mark Wahlberg and just get away with it like this. I was so disappointed when I left the theater. These movies have honestly become a complete parody of themselves. Throughout the entire movie daughter never follows the dad's instructions even though his best intention is to keep her safe. The boyfriend was very disrespectful to the father, and I wouldn't have made such a big hoot about it if it wasn't Mark fucking Wahlberg.

The character development in this movie is crappy. Optimus Prime summons dinosaurs to the battlefield? They really have no huge significant purpose since a giant magnet winds up owning them. The stupidly incompetent company boss that's creating new transformers using transformium, ridiculously stupid plot and pretty much everything else except Mark Wahlberg.

Maybe I've just grown out of my teenage ways so Michael Bay's films don't do anything for me anymore, but I was properly disappointed by that film.
Movie Review - Transformers Age of Extinction Movie Review - Transformers Age of Extinction Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on July 14, 2014 Rating: 5

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