People are extremely quick to dismiss Bay's films as dumb action flick full of explosions and running action sequences. Well its true that his movies are just that but I think there is more of an artistic merit to what he does.

Bay is able to create an aesthetic out of explosions. Now how is this hard? Explosions are quick and fleeting. To use them effectively such that they become a focal point of the scene in a lasting way doesn't come easily.

Another challenge of working with explosions is that to an extent, they are very predictable. Explosions more or less sound all the same. To find new ways of showing explosions would be impressive. Another point is that explosions are easily anticipated. If there are projectiles like missiles or bombs, you know there's going to be an explosion. It's just a matter of when they will blow up. Creating suspense or something unexpected out of that would actually be impressive.

Michael Bay chose to limit himself to a very shallow field to work in and I think he does his part of trying to develop and innovate despite the shallowness of what he uses. It's like what a professional chef would do if he were limited to only using instant ramen.