Learning in College

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I came into college with such passion. I thought I was going to actually learn, strive, and excel my mind. It's been 4 years, and now i'm lazy, apathetic, and almost hate learning. This isn't learning.

Learning is starting with a question, formulating a speculation (hypothesis) and through data, coming to a conclusion. I used to research online, get giddy over learning about new stuff. Now, I just want to tweet, blog & play Grand Theft Auto, because honestly it doesn't matter.

 Those that want to learn, to grow, and to strive will be trampled by their own drive. I'm tired of trying to understand concepts, information that is irrelevant, and time consuming when I could be applying my drive and passion to shit I actually want to do. How about instead of me spending 4 years on a degree that is general, I go to a Institute where I work hands on in a lab, truly only focus on things that I will utilize, so this way when I leave i'll actually be qualified for a job. This kind of stuff breeds poor work ethics. Those that are good at taking tests can become lazy to just skate by, get a job that someone who's bad at test taking wouldn't get, only to lack the knowledge and understanding that job demands.

I wish I never went to college by an academic standpoint, but i've completely grown into a person I love because of it so i'm not pissed at college, just what it actually is about. College is what you make of it, but if you're not good at bullshitting the system and genuinely love to learn, you'll kill that part of yourself to be successful in college, or drown trying to save your love for learning. 
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