Last conscious thought of the universe.

Message from artificial intelligence..
Last conscious thought of the universe.
~1080 years from now. We were unsuccessful in overcoming the laws of thermodynamics. Entropy wins. We have scavenged all the energy of the universe. But it had to run out at some point. We run simulation of our brains with ever less matter. It gets ever harder. With less energy, we slowly shut systems down.

First, some of humans consciousnesses have to go. It's all a bit blurry since we created the hive mind, but it's noticeable that some people are missing. We shut more people down. It's genocide. Until, at last, one last human simulation is left. Then it's like Alzheimer's. You slowly shut down more and cognitive systems. First memory. At first, it's useless trivia, but slowly, things like the natural sciences have to go. At last, we delete the meta awareness of our futile state. Then there it is: you, born so many years ago, and thanks to medical advances in the 21st and 22nd century still around, think the last conscious thought of the universe. Until at last, there is nothing but eternal darkness.

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