Horrible Joke

So a rapist, a masochist, a pyromaniac, a necrophile, a sadist, a pedophile, and a zoophile are all standing in a jail cell.

The rapist says, "I'd like to f**k something.".
The zoophile says, "A cat."
The pedophile says, "Even better: a kitten."
The sadist asks, "How about we beat the kitten up, and THEN f**k with it?"
The necrophile adds, "Alright let's beat a kitten to death, and then have s*x with it."
Then the pyromaniac says, "Okay, how about we beat a kitten to death, light it on fire, and then have s*x with it?"
After all of this the masochist finally speaks up and says, "Meow."
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